Bodies of the registrar of the Novosibirsk region on the region issued 823 birth records more

Bodies issued by the registrar of the region’s birth record 823 more than in June.

As the Acting Head of Department for the registrar of the Novosibirsk Region Natalia Rasskazova, in July there were 3,896 acts of birth, which is 673 more than the instruments of death. Compared with the previous month, the number of birth records for more than 823. "This positive trend of fertility, of course, pleases, — said Natalia Rasskazova. — Increase observed and compared with July last year — 462 baby. In general, the results of the last seven months of 2013 is also positive statistics — by 186 reported acts of birth than death. "

At the Office of the registrar called the area with the highest number of births by the end of July: Novosibirsk, Berdsk, Ob, Iskitimskyi, Kochenevskiy, Novosibirsk, Suzunsky, Tatar, Uba and Chany areas.  

M alchiks in July were born more than two thousand, girls — more than 1,800. 43 pairs of twins registered. Most often (60.6%) gave birth this month, women aged 21-30 years. Still, the children rather give birth to a family who already have one child (45.8%).   The most popular names were Artem July, Alexander, John, Cyril, Yegor, Daniel, Maxim, Anastasia, Victoria, Maria, Valeria, Alexandra, Pauline. Some babies were named Elisha, Seraphim, Yanislav, Chester, Luchezar, Evan, Milena, Becky, Snezana, Bozena, Ariadne.

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