Body armor made of polyethylene production Research Institute of Steel

Production of the new body armor with inlays of high modulus polyethylene settled into a "Research Institute of Steel." To demonstrate the capabilities of the new security device developers have conducted comparative tests with his armor steel. As a result, plastic plates stood shot Kalashnikov assault rifle and Tokarev pistol from a distance of five meters on a par with the metal.

"Polyethylene can compete with the best brands of armored steel. For example, materials such as titanium and aluminum. In addition, it is easier to have doubled, "- said the representative of the developer vests Eugene Chistyakov.

According to experts, this material in the near future will totally replace armored steel of personal protective equipment. According to employees of research institutes, the U.S. military has gradually begun to abandon the Kevlar helmets, replacing them made of polyethylene. Also, this material can be used as an aircraft pilot and additional protection even mounted on armored vehicles.

The combination of high modulus polyethylene with special ceramic plates increases the strength of body armor. In this case, it can even withstand armor-piercing bullets hit, claim the developers. However, the new model has the disadvantage that the material loses its protective properties at temperatures over 140 degrees Celsius.

As the representatives of the enterprise, the material for the manufacture of body armor made of polyethylene now purchased abroad. However, according to the staff of the Institute, the production of the domestic counterpart will be adjusted during the year.

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