Lovely, peaceful … good Russian bombs
Only a small carpet-bombing can save a lot of values, and sometimes lives

The idea of such a bomb was born out of a desire to create a special air force bombs of various caliber that full security would be different and could be used as teaching. At the same time the bomb was supposed to solve the economic problems — namely, fighting fires.

Since the world’s first bomb was created to fight fires — ASP-500. ASP — it means aircraft fire, and 500 — the mass of the product. The bomb, containing nearly half a ton of extinguishing mixture can instantly knock down the flames in even the most severe fire.


A distinctive aspect of the new weapon was his complete safety for humans. First, it should be applied where all life long ago burned down, and, secondly, even if someone was in the area of the explosion, it would have received in the worst case, a concussion. Explode the bombs originally: the explosion there is little, the air is sprayed fire-extinguishing smes.V 2000 at the initiative of the director Vladimir Koren’kova fire bomb was brought to the final sample. About five years ago, she began to actively show at various trade shows. This project was supported by the Ministry of Economic Development, giving orders profile departments to pay attention to the bomb.


The new generation of ASP-500 can be dropped not only combat aircraft, but also with civil IL-76 or AN-12. In this case, one set of IL-76 provides a guaranteed suppression of fire on an area of 10 hectares.
With good organization even several levels of the extinguishment of carpet, giving a perfect result, it is estimated, would occupy no more than an hour. And now for the exhausting and often futile fight fire took more than a month at a huge financial cost and obscure the final. Surprisingly, in this critical hot summer of fire aerial bombs still remembered only by journalists and Garin :)

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