Booster Angara two years before the start

95 years ago it began to produce the first Russian cars "Russo-Balt". Since the mid 20’s of last century, the plant launched production of heavy bombers. Today at the State of the Khrunichev Space Center creates a new perspective family of launch vehicles "Angara".

"Angara" — a family of launch vehicles developed modular, vklyuchaeschee a four classes of vehicles — from light to heavy — lifting capacities ranging from 1.5 ("Angara 1.1") to 35 ("Angara A7") tons in low-Earth orbit (at the start of a spaceport "Plesetsk").

Different versions of "Angara" are implemented using different numbers of universal rocket module (URM-1 — for the first stage, URM-2 — for the second and third) — one module for easy class carriers ("Angara 1.1" and 1.2), three — for support of the middle class ("Angara A3"), five — for the heavy class ("Angara A5") and seven — for the heaviest vehicle ("Angara A7"). Urman length is 25.1 m, diameter of 2.9 m, with a fueled mass of 149 tons. URM is completed oxygen-kerosene engine RD-191.

The first launch of the carrier rocket light class "Angara-1" and the first flight tests of the space launch system (SLS) "Angara" at the cosmodrome "Plesetsk" will be made no later than 2013, told reporters on 24.03.2011, the official representative of the Space Troops (KV ) Alexei Zolotukhin.

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