Bor in a dairy plant was put into operation new equipment

In September 2012 in the workshop of desserts "Dairy Plant" Bor "(Bor, Nizhny Novgorod region) commissioned an additional line for the production of heat-stable fillings" KremMiks. " Launching equipment will increase the monthly production of this type of ingredients to 130 tons to 250 tons

The basis of the new line is purchased from a Bulgarian company «STORM» (one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of equipment for the food industry), a special installation for the processing of milk. On the basic technical characteristics of the new machine is like operating on the German production plant installation, but has better performance.

In preparation for the launch of the new site, the company‘s management has paid great attention to training staff to work with the new technology. Representatives of the manufacturer advised the dairy specialists from the delivery of equipment to the end of commissioning. Plant for the production of "KremMiksov" meets all modern standards and the requirements for this type of equipment.
Commissioning of the new site will not only increase the production of "KremMiksov", but also to create conditions for expanding the range demanded by confectioners and bakers of the product — "KremMiksa ‘production of" Dairy Plant "Bor".
"KremMiksy" — ready to use thermostable filling for filling before baking products, interlayer and finish of bakery and confectionery. All kinds of "KremMiksov" resistant to freezing — thawing without changing the organoleptic and physico-chemical properties.


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