Boris and Air Force cadets center started to fly the Yak-130

Waltz of heavy equipment on vzletke — a mandatory, pre-flight strip. Bad weather and good on the flight — not yet given. Waiting for summer weather — the students in the class with an instructor. And this is — not toys. Such bends with a miniature copy of the Yak-130 — a dress rehearsal. Foot in front of the actual piloting maneuvers.

Artem Kalyutich, military cadet Air Force Academy. Gagarin and Zhukovsky, said: "To simplify the reading of the information is numeric values, it is initially unfamiliar to us, because more accustomed to read the information on the position of the arrow, not even looking at the numbers, the silhouette all the arrows."

The first rises in the sky, Su-25, the crew — from the most experienced pilots. The task of ground attack — weather reconnaissance and complete transmission route. The commander of the air base, the results of exploration permits flight. Yak-130 Squadron at Air Force Base in Boris Gleb — it’s 25 new cars. They are designed to be a change of Czech L-39, which was prepared for future pilots for over 30 years. Modern technology has already been nicknamed the pilots themselves — a computer with wings. These "learning party" can mimic the air of any type of aircraft and perform fighter, ground attack and even bombers.

No switches or mechanical devices. The cabin each with three LCD monitor. They displayed all the necessary information to pilots. Of course access to all new aircraft produced six cadets standouts. Chosen according to academic performance. Bidders are many, but the steering wheel — just the best. In this competition, according to commanders, academic performance began to increase sharply in goru.40 minute flight to the cadet Alexander Kolesnikov, passed like a couple of moments. After the start — a series of bends, touch the strip, as an imitation of planting and again in the sky. Conveyor — so called in the language of pilots similar exercise.

Alexander Kolesnikov, a military cadet Air Force Academy. Gagarin and Zhukovsky, shared: "Nerves, stress is small, because the new aircraft, the management of all the others. There is all new to me, except for level flight, taking off from a most unusual angle of 300, you can say, slide, stunt."

The new aircraft is much easier to operate, stable in all operating conditions, including its almost impossible, "to go into a tailspin." Gennady Zibrov, head of the military Air Force Academy. Gagarin and Zhukovsky, said: "This aircraft is an entirely new generation, which allows us to provide a very high level of pilot graduates for further development of combat aircraft SU 34, SU-30, SU 35, and so on, so today will go down in the history of development in general of the Air Force. "

Until the end of the year in the squadron aviation center planned completion, expected a half dozen aircraft. The only problem — as long as no new ground simulator Yaka. But even with that the Air Force plans to deal by the end of this year. Two install here at the training center Boris Gleb, premises are ready, and two more — at Air Force bases in New Jersey.

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