Borisoglebskaya training Air Force Base Chkalov was 90 years old

Borisoglebskaya training Chkalov Air Force Base — formerly known all over the country pilot school — 90 years old.

  • Borisoglebskoe congratulated the Air Force Academy "Falcons of Russia"
  • Borisoglebskoe congratulated the Air Force Academy "Falcons of Russia"

Came on the anniversary of the graduates, faculty, and three commanders of the Air Force over the years. The current commander in chief Viktor Bondar Borisoglebskoe graduated from college in 1981. On the anniversary came and graduate 83rd year, the Hero of Russia Sergey Bogdan — test pilot, he represents our country at international air shows, including the extreme (the pilots avoid the word "last") Show in Le Bourget.

Borisoglebskoe Pilot School — one of the oldest in the country. Its graduates Valery Chkalov, 22 world records by Vladimir Kokkinaki and Victor Talalikhin for the first time in the history of fulfilling the night ram.

It brought 272 of the Hero of the Soviet Union and Russia, 12 double-Heroes.

At the end of 2012 Borisoglebskie students began to study the newest trainer aircraft Yak-130, in April began flying on it.

Famed high school and congratulated the pilots Lipetsk aviation center, which with Sts long and close relationship — aerobatic team "Falcons of Russia" with the head of the center Alexander Harchevsky showed all dogfight, and women separately — the Air tulips.

On ground

Field nadraennogo airfield surrounded festively dressed townspeople. The air base here — forming enterprise, it is associated with life almost every family: those who served, who are serving, and some are going.

After putting up a banner, reports and congratulations to the Commander in Chief — zampolit Air Force Academy, keeping his hands away from his temple, elbow conducted a three-fold return "Hurrah!" — Were read out holiday orders Secretary of Defense, the Commander in Chief and Chief of the Academy. Distinguished awarded the medal "For Military Valour" and gifts, with something someone removed the previously imposed penalties. Commander of the Air Force in 1991-1998 Peter Dejnekin School presented an icon of Elijah the Prophet, the patron saint of pilots. A graduate of the 84th, Father Basil received the gift of the cross and the icon of the crowd. Continuing to work retirees Viktor Bondar awarded medal "for valor." Many, he happily learned — at the time of his studies were pilot-instructors, teachers and heads of departments.

— Borisoglebskoe School gave a lot of heroes, willing, and continues to produce air fighters. Graduates of the school defended the sky during the difficult years of the Great Patriotic War, passed with flying colors Afghanistan, took part in the fighting in Chechnya and Tajikistan. And now the pilots of Boris Gleb with honor and dignity serve our Air Force — said the commander in chief. — Unfortunately, at the time the school was reduced, but I hope will not be long and we will be able to revive it.

In the air

At 11 came from Lipetsk "Russian Falcons". Six heavy Su-27 fighters, lined wedge glued to simultaneously perform aerobatics. "The distance between the planes is only four meters. During maneuvers the pilot looks only at its flagship — said the commentator. — And now, especially for ladies — the dissolution of the" Tulip "! Planes dropped to 200 meters above the airfield and went rumbling flower. Spectators applauded .

— We are looking from the outside, but they need to overcome the fear! — Clasped her hands beautiful dark-haired girl in a white dress. Her friend, never taking his eyes from the sky, showed his hand: do not bother to look.

Performing "bell", the plane head of Lipetsk aviation center Alexander Harchevsky vertically up into the sky, and stood there, turning his nose to the ground and going into a dive, let fan of red missiles. Then he took over the airport on the tiny fighter for speed — 170 miles per hour! — Lifting the plane on its hind legs like a circus horse. This speed is called the pilots’ less evalyutivnoy ", ie required to maintain the aircraft in the air. Featured Harchevsky trick requires the pilot to not only skill but also courage.

By "Lonely Shepherd" fighters waltzed into the blue sky, and I think I understand why Harchevsky — General and head of a large center with a variety of military and administrative worries — so willingly participating in an air show (in addition to displays on the teachings and public holidays, "Falcons Russian "sky decorated two dozen cities and republics). Because the fly — it’s great.

From the sky rained jumpers — Air Force team members. Radio-controlled models twisted stunts — cooler "Falcons", which in the cockpits of airplanes did not have people whose opportunities are limited congestion. Old air aces, veterans especially moved by the school that landed models like the little dog, and drove to the legs unfolded. Some even stretched to stroke.

Guests meanwhile moved to the school, laid flowers at the monument to Chkalov and pilots who died in the battles of the Great Patriotic War. We went to the museum and a classroom where student working out on the simulator piloting the Yak-130. On a huge, full-screen, wall, sailed landscape. A student has laid a sharp turn, the landscape reared, and Digital Altimeter swiftly ran down. "Fly like, especially dive" — smiled Sergey Bogdan. On Show in Le Bourget, he showed the Su-35s in out mode.

The dining room tables were laid for a festive dinner. At the entrance to the remains uchilishchnogo orchestra — gray-haired old men — old pipes blown out of the air marches.

— Borisoglebskoe Pilot School will live and grow. — Said the former head of the university and Air Force Commander Vladimir Mikhailov. — It must be the most powerful air base, where young pilots will be trained to fly the Yak-130 and where you should create a modern service center of the aircraft.

On the deserted airfield red Yak-130, radio controlled, all twisted and twisted over the strip loop the loop. Because the fly — it’s great.



For the record:

"Right now, the center has successfully operated for training cadets 28 Yak-130. Another three have already flight tested at the factory "Irkut", next week there will make a flight to Boris Gleb with two landings, — said General Zibrov {29.06.2013}. — With these three aircraft this year we will have six Yak-130, get another 12 in 2014. Thus, only in the next year we are going to have more than 40 of these machines. "

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