Borodyuk will succeed Hiddink

[Img =×200.jpeg] Alexander Borodyuk may be the new head coach of Russia. In an interview with "Lighthouse" said vice-president of the RFU, chairman of the board of the Foundation "National Academy of Football" Sergei Kapkov. Vice-President of the RFU answered a few questions about the situation in the Russian football, particularly on the problems of training and development of youth football. Responding to a question about whether Hiddink deal with the problems of youth football, Kapkov said: "I asked him this, and he told me that the team had and everything is clear, Sasha Borodyuk can engage the team, and he sees the potential for Russia a new football stars. I think Sasha Borodyuk may be the new head coach of the Russian national team. " [Cut] With regard to the major problems in Russian football, then its main essence of the lack of infrastructure: "The main point is specified in the report, is that there is no infrastructure. In many regions of the Urals there are no youth schools, where children could to play football. I mean, sports clubs, do not have these sites. main problem that the first League and the "double" Russian clubs do not give the players in the Premier League, they are simply not there. Not clear where lost children 17-18 years old, and Hiddink insists that there was a separate championship for teens, let it be no league and FA Cup competitions option. " Regarding the Russian championship next season, it promises to be quite difficult because of the projected funding cuts: "Advertising budgets will be reduced next year, there is a revenue side, and for Russian football, too. I’m sure the club owners will spend less on football, and, of course, such as the budget team "Luch-Energia", which are often financed from the budget, they also do not have enough money for football.’s why I think some players will be sold, there will be some sort of average young people, because the system for the education of talented footballers in Russia has not been created, and, of course, there is no marketing system to raise funds. I think that next year will be difficult for Russian football. " The same goes for football fields: "The situation with the infrastructure is terrible. Yet where to build a base for the Russian team, no. At Hiddink is the position that the base of the team should be in the" Luzhniki ", it’s a great place. This is the center of Moscow, convenient access . And to solve the problem with the infrastructure to the RAF, the Russian League. should be penalties for clubs from these departments. "

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