Botanical Garden was opened after renovation in St. Petersburg

Sept. 4 in St. Petersburg was opened to the Botanical Garden Botanical Sciences — in the last months there was conducted a large-scale reconstruction. Garden, founded by Peter I, was updated to its own 300th anniversary, which will be celebrated next year.

The main changes were the central alley garden — it regained its historic character, becoming narrower and longer. To attract more visitors to the mall are three mobile libraries operating a reading area and free Wi-Fi.

Much attention has been paid during the reconstruction of visitors with disabilities — garden paths become more comfortable to move in a wheelchair, and the plates with the names of plants appeared duplicate labels in Braille. Despite the discovery, reconstruction of the Botanical Garden is not yet complete — in 2014 will be upgraded Alpine slides and fountains, and will also be re-created "Pharmaceutical Garden of Peter I".

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