BPS-2 started to work as usual

The second phase of the main pipeline in the Baltic Pipeline System (BPS-2) moved from start-up mode to normal mode. This was announced by Vice-President of "Transneft" Mikhail Barkov.

"Just recently, the BPS-2 is translated from the work in the format of start-up to work as normal. Bleeding this year will be about 15 million tons," — said M.Barkov.

According to him, with the launch of the BTS-2 was "without exaggeration, a historic event": now the dependence on transit countries in nefteprokachki completely eliminated. "The availability of this route — a guarantee for our shippers commitments for transportation of oil. At our disposal today, five offshore oil terminals in Russia, where oil tankers can go anywhere in the world," — said a top manager.

M.Barkov also stressed that Russia now for the first time received a surplus of oil pipeline capacity, whereas previously, especially in the 90s, they were scarce. "We can now maneuver resources in different directions at different times and in such a way as to provide himself with the safest and favorable conditions of work", — said vice-president of "Transneft".

M.Barkov said that with the launch of the BPS-2 to waive the supply of oil through the pipeline "Druzhba" question. "… Input BPS-2 does not mean the end of oil supplies from the traditional route -" Friendship. "It is, first of all, on the reorientation of oil flows to discharge areas, working with excess capacity for handling" — said a top manager. According to him, it is necessary to unload the ports of Primorsk and Novorossiysk. So, in Novorossiysk some amounts of oil will be replaced by mineral oil.

Recall, "BPS-2" was built for the purpose of creating an alternative oil pipeline "Druzhba" route of Russian oil supplies to Europe, which will avoid transit risks. Construction of the BPS-2 began in 2009 and it was planned to start in late 2011 to mid-November of last year, all construction and commissioning work at the facilities of the pipeline have been completed, but it was not running at the time due to unavailability of necessary handlers two oil berths in the port of Ust-Luga. Finally, March 23, 2012 BTS-2 was launched in test mode, dedicated to the event on the opening ceremony attended by Vladimir Putin, the then Prime Minister.

BPS-2 has a length of 1 thousand km, its route runs from the town of Unecha in the Bryansk region to the port of Ust-Luga in the Leningrad region. In March of this year, reported the press service of "Transneft", the first stage of the pipeline capacity is 30 million tons per year. In the second phase of the project, which is scheduled to complete by the end of 2013, the volume of oil transportation via BTC-2 to increase to 38 million tons a year.

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