BPS-2 terminal in Ust-Luga port is put into commercial operation

Marine terminal of the Baltic Pipeline System (BPS-2) in the port of Ust-Luga port is put into commercial operation. As the correspondent of IAA "IAA", told journalists during a visit to the terminal said General Director of "Neva Pipeline Company" (the terminal) Konstantin Hamlay.

According to him, on the basis of 2015 through the terminal plans to handle 15 million tons of oil. For this purpose, two berths with a total length of 620 m are continuing work on dnoukrepleniyu berth 5 in order to avoid possible subsidence of the bottom.

Recall the construction work was completed in February 2012, the launch of the terminal mode of commissioning took place on March 23, 2012. To transfer terminal in commercial operation in August and September 2012 received the necessary approvals from the Rostenhnadzora.

The order number 1754-r of the design and construction of the "Baltic Pipeline System — 2" on the Unecha (Bryansk Region) — Ust-Luga (Leningrad region) was signed on November 26, 2008 Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The first joint of the pipeline "BPS-2" was welded June 10, 2009. The linear part was carried out at an accelerated pace, and October 28, 2010 in the port of Ust-Luga was welded "gold" joint. November 15, 2011, all construction and commissioning work at the facilities of the pipeline "BPS-2" have been completed. As part of the "BTS-2" was built by the linear part of the length of 1000 km, a reconstruction of a linear production and management station "Unecha" and the pumping station "Andreapol", built two new pumping stations (PS-3 and PS-7) and the tank farm " Ust-Luga. " Tank farm "Ust-Luga" — is eight tanks with a capacity of 50 thousand cubic meters each and the delivery and acceptance point. Technological scheme depot allows you to simultaneously load two tankers with deadweight of 150 thousand tons. The route of the pipeline through the territory of Bryansk, Smolensk, Tver, Novgorod and Leningrad regions.  

The "BPS-2" is implemented in accordance with all requirements of the industrial and environmental safety.

To ensure reliable operation of the BPS-2, and environmental safety in the construction of the linear part of modern insulating materials used, fitting with the highest tightness class, equipped robot and automation systems. At high oil pumping stations built sewage treatment plants for rainwater and household sewage. Throughout the route, "BPS-2" organized system of production control sources of pollution and industrial environmental monitoring system components of the environment.

Implementation of the "BPS-2" is a logical extension of the idea of creating an independent Baltic to the transport direction of Russian oil, which was launched in December 2001 with the commissioning of the first phase of "BTS" (in the direction of the port "Primorsk"). Now through the port "Primorsk" ships to 74 million tons of oil per year, or one-third of all Russian export volume.

Further development of the Baltic Pipeline System is aimed at diversifying the export flows of Russian oil and reduce transit risks during transportation to foreign markets. "BTS-2" will optimize the loading of the Russian pipeline system and increase energy security of Russia.

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