Brad Pitt has moved on Russian Urals

Star’s father, actor Brad Pitt and biker in these Christmas holidays rolled shopping in sunny California with one of his sons, Pax, on a motorcycle …

No, it is not rare DKW, BMW or Ducati: Pitt the Elder and younger Pitt came to the Russian production Irbitskogo tricycle motorcycle factory:


The famous Hollywood actor Brad Pitt has long been known for his love of motorcycles, especially for custom bikes and choppers. Pitt — one of those who worships in a two-wheeled motor equipment.

He uses almost any chance to ride on a particular outstanding and interesting bike and do not mind occasionally get some pleasant novelty or gimmick to your collection. In the garage at Pitt, there are several scooters — as trendy new and old enough copies of several different cruisers, multipurpose bike BMW R1150GS Adventure, a couple of different Ducati, some very original looking custom bikes, at least one of Suzuki, a Triumph, a few classic motorcycles.

It is also interesting that the earlier three-Ural Patrol-T has been noted as one of the best bikes of the North American continent, in the opinion of a local motorcycle publications, and retail sales of Ural motorcycles with sidecars in 2010 in the U.S. rose 39%, while sales grew in all quarters of the year, in the fourth quarter, sales have doubled compared to the same period last year.

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