BrahMos for the Su-30MKI


BANGALORE, February 5. (ARMS-TASS). Russia and India signed a contract for works on the adaptation of the Russian-Indian missile "BrahMos" to the Su-30MKI. The contract was signed in December last year. Told reporters director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of Russia with foreign states (FSMTC) Alexander Fomin in Bangalore, on the eve of the opening of the 9th Air Show "Aero India 2013".

"We signed a contract in December adaptation" BrahMos "to the aircraft" Sukhoi "and are now in the active phase of the execution of this idea of our Indian partners," — said Fomin.

Responding to a question ARMS-TASS, does signing the contract, which proved the feasibility of such an adaptation, Fomin said: "I do not say that. I said I signed a contract on adapting missiles to the plane. During the execution of this contract is just clear up the realizability Adaptation will be right for "BrahMos" to this plane. I can not for the designers and developers promise and resolve the issue. "

Fomin also said that the Russian side is supposed to basically "the advisory part in this contract, and the bulk of the work will be to conduct the Indian side." If the case goes to trial, "of course Russia will take part in them. It is very difficult — to adapt to new weapons fighter. Results must satisfy both the rocket developer and developer fighter."

The Indian side is very interested in and commitment to equip the Su-30MKI missile "BrahMos". Currently, the service in India adopted land and sea options missiles. At the same time, earlier in "dry" ARMS-TASS explained that it is very problematic. The fact that the missile "BrahMos" was not originally designed for installation on the aircraft and its mass-dimensional characteristics outperformed any other aircraft missile. "At a minimum, it is necessary to strengthen the wing or significantly modify a missile," — said one of the experts, "Dry."

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