Bravo, Russian!

Simple English delighted beginning of the struggle of Vladimir Putin with illegal immigration …

As reported, Moscow Police Emergency Management will help in organizing the deportation of illegal immigrants — to this end, unfolding camp and field kitchens. This was announced by the spokesperson of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Moscow, Viktor Biryukov. "In accordance with the request of Acting Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin, the commander in chief metropolitan MOE for police assistance in organizing the deportation of citizens illegally residing on the territory of Moscow, at the 2nd Irtysh passage, 8, in conjunction with the Moscow government is set up a temporary camp, kitchens, organized illegal occupancy in tents, "- said Viktor Biryukov. According to him, workers will feed hot porridge issue rations and water.


In the camp can hold up to 900 people. In order to protect the town while 15 police officers involved, but may be involved additional forces clarify the Interior Ministry. "During the time of the actions to identify the ethnic criminal groups involved in the organization of illegal migration, the police detained the capital markets about three thousand citizens of different states. Before the decision by the court of their expulsion some of them will stay in the tent city "- said Kozlov, noting that while the tent camp detainees were not taken, but everything is now ready to receive them.

In connection with this initiative’s "Neighborliness"Leads the British prime comments left on the site« Daily Mail »:

"When they finish the deal with their illegal migrants in Russia, could not they come here and throw our? Please. "

"Hmm ….. It’s a shock ……… Something that I admire in Russia ……. Now, Mr. Cameron … That’s what you should do with parasites ….. "

"If only we could get all of our left / liberal and do the same thing."

"Clear a reasonable response, fully justified and a great deterrent. No mamby pamby (?) Weak response from the crowd our lives completely divorced from the judges — most of them seem at all does not understand anything. If they are here illegally — to send them. And for those who destroy their papers on arrival — automatic prison, as a torus until they can be identified and returned to their country of origin. "

"Pay attention to Britain, it is really easy. Throw out all of their mattresses of the barns, turn out the homeless from vacant houses, clean parks and tunnels. I’m sorry that home countries of these people are so desperate that they prefer to live in poverty / begging here, but it’s not our problem. We need to go away from here before, our country will become as backward, as well as their country. Once the illegals leave, check here all the "Legalov," why should we have on our taxes "British" beggars who actually come from Europe or the Commonwealth. "

"Does this country more respect when drawn with illegal immigrants as human beings? I think — no. "

"Urgent send officials UKBA (Service border and immigration controls the UK) to Moscow to study there and let them zatyryat copy of the textbook."

"Oh, how I wish that the UK is as hard to solve this problem, as well as Russia."

"Russia — it’s still a man’s world, and we are feminized, and PC (?) Zakorrektirovan unconscious. They defend themselves and are absolutely right. Well done. "

"The UK, can you see it? IT — how to do! UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party — demanded the exit of the UK from the European Union, holds conservative views). "

"In Russian, at least, there is the ridge, not that our pacifiers politicians who think only of themselves."

"If any of you are so impressed by the Russian regime, why do not you go and live there and do not like to see YOU there will relate."

"I lived in Russia and in the West Midlands — admitted Lynn (West Midlands) — and I can say that Russia — a lot better. Russia has health care that really works just as well as their infrastructure — in any weather, no matter what happens. I felt much more secure in the Russian city than in the West Midlands. And Russia is still recognizable Russia, it does not become a Bombay slum. "

"I think that President Vladimir Putin is more popular in Britain than our own Prime Ministers."

"Fantastic! Perhaps we should listen and learn! "

"Bravo, Russian!"

"This is — a shame that we do not have such as Putin to lead our country."

"Obama — this is for you as a hint. Here it is — a way to deal with illegal immigrants. DO NOT allow them to stay and capture American jobs. Of course, they need the rich, and the owners of farms and factories as cheap labor. "

"This is what CAN DO FREE COUNTRY!"

"Putin — in the Prime Ministers."

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