Brazil in the Amazon jungle found the remains of an unknown species of dinosaur




Brazilian scientists announced the discovery of the north in the Amazon jungle fossilized remains of a dinosaur. In a statement, the State University of Rio de Janeiro reported that the found remains of the age of 110 million years old, belong to a new, previously unknown species of dinosaurs. It was decided to call Amazonsaurus maranhensis, in honor of the state of Maranhao, where the fossils were found.

According to scientists, this dinosaur could weigh about 10 tons, its length is about 10 meters. The discovery of the remains — this is the first evidence that dinosaurs once lived in the region, say scientists. The fact that such fossils to discover it was not possible due to the fact that the Amazon humidity is extremely high, and it helped to accelerate the process of decomposition of the remains.

Battery News, 19-01-2004 6:10
Source: Rodrobnosti

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