Bread with moss


New development of Irkutsk scientists.

Irkutsk State Technical University (Irkutsk State Technical University) won the competition Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in the scientific and technical sphere. Scientists have developed a recipe for making bread with a unique addition — Icelandic moss.


Icelandic moss. This amazing plant — a symbiosis of organisms — fungi and algae! The presence tsetrarii Icelandic — an indicator of the cleanliness of the environmental zone.

It contains vitamins, and herbal mikroeelementy antibiotics with high antimicrobial activity. Icelandic moss — antimicrobial,
antiseptic, general strengthening and healing wounds.

This moss grows in the Irkutsk region and has healing properties. According to experts, a decade studying the properties of this moss, regular use of this dietary supplement can get rid of a number of cardiovascular, lung, gastric, endocrine diseases.

The recipe for producing a powder Iceland Moss is the know-how of scientists Irkutsk Technical University, the official website of the institute. The technology of production of bread with the addition of the plant extract of Iceland moss registered patent, authored by Associate Professor, Ph.D., Svetlana top and graduate student Olga Kravchenko.


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