Breeding plants in the Leningrad region will become more

Multiplication farm SEC "far-field" (N. Putilovo, Kirov region) in the near future given the status of breeding plant. This agricultural enterprise for many years been breeding cattle Ayrshire breed. Now the number of herds of 1,200 head. SEC "far-field" — the best breeding farm region in terms of reproduction. In this economy actively improve the genotype of animals. 

Local know-how — feeding on the basis of herbs, according to the schedule. There is a special calendar of herbs. Thus cows are fed a delicious, rich, balanced diet. As the final result — the production of ecologically pure product — the average milk fat content of 4%.   

The second farm, which expects to receive the status of plant breeding — is farm "Malanicheva" (Tosnenskiy district), which is the last 15 years has been working in the field of breeding horse breeding. Specialization — Hanoverian and Trakehner breed.

According to the owner of Marina Malanicheva horse farm, this year for the first time at the state adopted a program of breeding horse breeding, regardless of horse breeds. But until recently there was a paradox — in all state programs horse was not considered as an agricultural unit. And only now has begun to change.

The main objective of this farm, working in the area Tosnensky believe rearing and search for athletes who can reveal the genetic potential of the horses. 


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