Bridal short track

His first flight has made a brand new coach, who got back on track railway leading to the village of White Lake. Together with the residents of novelty was assessed Mayor Michael Gmyrin Severodvinsk, representatives of Construction and Architecture Committee, utilities, TiS, and journalists.

Car for transportation of passengers narrow-gauge "Vodogon — n White Lake" made Ltd. "KMZ" according to the municipal contract. Weight of the car — 12.5 tons. The car has easy chairs, air conditioning, lighting, 80 seats, 36 of which are boarding.

Soon the carriage to be running 80 hours: so dictate the rules of operation. Such a technique to produce a narrow-gauge railways in only one place — on the Kambarka engineering plant in Udmurtia. Other plants in the post-Soviet era retrained to produce cars for the general ruts.

(C) Photo by Vladimir Larionov ("Evening Severodvinsk")

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