Britains largest retail network vparivayut buyers tap water for the price of mineral water

British supermarket chain Tesco and Asda are selling regular tap water, bottled, reports The Daily Mail. The publication has estimated that the sales of such water retailers make a profit of 2,500 per cent.

Water that is made specifically for the networks cost 17 pence (8.5 rubles) for two liters. For comparison, the two-liter bottle of mineral water of the famous French brand Evian costs 88 pence (44 rubles). The newspaper claims that supermarkets bottled ordinary tap water, which was purified by filters. Thus the price of a liter of water that flows from the tap, with payment of utilities is three tenths of a penny per liter.

Representatives of the networks have recognized that selling water poured out of the water pipes. Tesco, however, insists that their products can not be called tap water as they filter and purify it from the chlorine and other impurities. Asda has taken the same position, admitting, however, as well as Tesco, which uses tap water.

As a result of the scandal and troubled British company Water UK, which is responsible for water supply in the country. Its representative indignantly told the newspaper that the tap water is so well cleaned and is safe to drink, what to filter it there is absolutely no need. According to the company, 99.96 percent of water samples taken showed that it is absolutely safe.

Tesco is the UK's largest retailer, and retailers in the world ranking in fourth place. Asda, a subsidiary of American chain Wal-Mart, is the second largest in the UK market.

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