British sailors fed worse police dogs

Powered sailors of the Royal Navy of Great Britain every day is allocated only 1.8 pound (about 85 rubles), according to TV channel Sky News. With this sum kokam need to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For example, on board a guard-ship "Campbelltown" carrying the service off the coast of Iraq, 240 crew members to offer for breakfast cereal, juice, a small selection of hot dishes, tea or coffee. For lunch, the sailors give French baguette, sometimes with cheese, and only for dinner they get meat with vegetables. For comparison, the power of police dogs allocated about four pounds per day (about 190 rubles).

Sky News correspondent cites the dining room at the U.S. airbase in Qatar, where pancakes with syrup, juice, toast in French, grilled meats, cereal, yogurt and muffins are served without restriction. The dining room also has a counter with ice cream, on which hangs a sign asking them not to take more than two drinks per person.

British journalists have pointed out that, as in any American cafe in the military canteen hanging a plasma screen, which are broadcast live NBA games. Sky News comes to the conclusion that the U.S. military to release significant amounts of food and set an example to the British government to the U.S. experience in the correct definition of military spending.

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