British shop slowly winding down

In Britain, the restaurant closed Jenson Button

In the British town of Harrogate restaurant closed Victus Restaurant, whose owner was the champion of Formula January 2009 Briton Jenson Button, who plays for the "McLaren". Restaurant spent less than a year, being open in September 2011.

"It is unfortunate that Victus Restaurant was in such a sad situation, given that the reason for the closure — just a bad choice for the opening of the restaurant, and not anything else. Unfortunately, we opened the restaurant at the time of the crisis and then the economic situation began to deteriorate even further. People just do not have the money that they could spend, going to a restaurant "- quoted by the manager and co-owner of the restaurant Button Richard Goddard GPUpdate.

In the capital of the UK have closed the library of Mark Twain

In London, close the library of Mark Twain Kensal Rise. This decision took the advice of London's Brent because the library almost no readers, and the content was too expensive for the budget of the district. London Library writer opened in 1900 — a year of the 60th anniversary of the reign of Queen Victoria. Library closes at 60-year anniversary of her granddaughter — Queen Elizabeth II.

A number of local residents have organized a campaign in support of the library: they are trying to raise funds for the institution to continue to work on. However, they intend to negotiate with the university to continue the use of the building to its former capacity.

In Britain, the oldest shipping company closed

Stephenson Clarke Shipping was founded in 1730 in Newcastle (North East coast of England). In the same year on the throne ascended the Empress Anna Ivanovna, and the company was to transport goods and coal in the North and Baltic Sea, with its warehouses in Russia. Later, she has also expanded its activities in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

"The current economic difficulties and the slowdown in economic activity most dramatically affected the marine UK companies", — said the auditor Alan Kelly, who announced the elimination of the shipping company.

According to him, wanting to buy the company was not, so save the company from collapse was no one.

Earlier, the Bank of England lowered its growth forecast for the British economy to almost zero due to the tightening of the second wave of the economic downturn. In this case, the previous — May — Bank expects growth forecast of 0.8%

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