British village was covered with sea foam

British village was covered with sea foam Natural Disasters

Once on the northern coast of British swept a storm, accompanied by strong winds, one of the Scottish fishing villages almost completely covered with sea foam. Many buildings and cars were under an impressive layer of foam wind water and coastal sand carried up high enough to wave.

After the invasion of the foam area was ruled by the heavy rains. The New Yorkshire fell 108 mm of precipitation, while the rate does not exceed 47 mm. The level of water gathered on the streets of a small fit flooding. Arrived water caused problems for the movement of trains on one of the busiest railway lines of the country. In Scotland disrupted ferry schedule. Spill from the local river, the Vensbek Morpeth Notrumberlend were evacuated 90 residents. The flow of water bore tree trunks and branches, street sweepings.

In many counties of the north of England and Wales also had problems with movement by rail and highways. Total flooded more than 200 private ownership. Because the water in the rivers continued to rise and the amount of precipitation in the coming days will remain at 20-50 mm, new floods could occur soon. At the moment, 78 announced warnings of a possible flood. For safety of the suburbs of Newcastle-on-Tyne evacuated 40 people.

Rescue services were actively working on the road, saving the lives of flooded drivers. For some, this due to the poor condition of one of the roads in Cambridgeshire accident that killed a one year old child and two adults were injured. A similar accident roizoshla in Norfolk, killing a young mother and her child.

Such a strong anticyclone came to Britain from the Bay of Biscay, and stopped over the northern part of the country. Next, the system will go to the south-west and west again, continuing to pour island rainfall exceeding the monthly rate, and bringing squally wind.

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