Britons will go on food stamps

In the UK, the poor people will receive food and essential goods coupons. This measure — not an unpleasant relic of the past, as a way to improve the social security system, authorities say.

The Government intends next weekabolish the special fund outstanding term loans for unexpected expenses needy citizens.For example, if someone has an accident or a lost walletcan it get? 100, and next month they will be deducted from their social benefits.

But with the abolition of the state fund municipalities will have to deal with the financial needs of their citizens. Local authorities still have different aid, despite the fact that the number of poor people in the sponsored areas is growing: someone else can pay the money at the expense of the local budget, someone organizes a free lunch,and someone decided to recall the well-forgotten system and enter the food vouchers.

Most Britons know the Food Stamp Act of textbooks, associate card system with the most painful period in the history of the country —The Second World War.Due to the acute shortage of food, people received food couponsuntil 1954.However, current coupons — this is not the brainchild of the previous paper, and the usual plastic card on which the funds are transferred each month.

For instance,in the U.S. they are used more than 46 million peopleThey receive $ 115 for each or $ 255 per family.With this money you can buy food, medicines or diapers. But the map does not work if one tries to acquire, for example, the Social Security program unintended cigarettes or alcohol.

In view of reducing the country’s GDP, a double dip recession and the general decline of the economy, these measures may, in the opinion of the UK authorities, to become a real salvation of the social assistance if local officials will be able to cope with them struck the financial burden.

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