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Today, the program Agribusiness ":" Source of: Congress "ACCOR" defines the priorities. "
"Bonus from the authorities: the Krasnoyarsk Krai figured out how to return the products in local supermarkets." "The national project of regional scope: Mari-El decided to develop halal poultry."

The Congress’Accor"Defines the priorities.

Reporting on Congress, as usual always sounds a lot of numbers and amounts. This time, they were enjoyable for the peasants. Otherwise, do not account for the fact that the speech is so often interrupted by applause. For example, when it was announced that farmers this year make up 30% of the cost of fuel, that is returned about 7 rubles per each liter of diesel, or when they started talking about what half the cost of registration of land transactions in the property of the farmer will pay the state. For this purpose has already been reserved 1bn 400mln rubles. Or here, when you said machinery, as well as last year, will sell at a discount.

Viktor Zubkov, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation: "We were able at the end of last year, another 3.5 billion rubles. Sent to the registered capital of Rosagroleasing to start this year with the implementation of the program has technology on favorable terms. And for this purpose we will send within three years 9,000,000,000 rubles."

Applauded farmers and bad news, or rather the fact that they are from the rostrum were announced. The land — farmers, as well as in the revolutionary 1917 is the main demand of the farmers …

Vladimir Plotnikov, president of the ACCOR: "According to the Ministry of Agriculture on December 2011 in the Kostroma region not used 75% of the arable land in the Smolensk region 62%, in the Kaluga — 61%, in the Astrakhan — 61%. This scale non-agricultural land, but at the same time, go and try to get the peasant land. "

Leaders of farmers’ movement insist: "You must create a registry at the Ministry of Agriculture land, literally surnames that there was not an abstract name of the company or organization, and a specific owner. One of the most effective, or, at least, just spectacular proposals of Ministry of Agriculture, project "Beginner Farmer". He starts this year. In its implementation of the budget allocated 2 billion mantas rub. From this financial pie any novice farmer can pinch off a piece of the development of the business. 1,500,000 provide for the purchase of equipment and animals, plus another 250 thousand for domestic arrangement. Total, 1 million 750 thousand seed capital.

Antonina Gromov, a farmer: "Yes, you need to win a contest, yes, you need to present yourself, expose yourself, you have to show that you do with the money, how will you develop with the money and, in general, to prove that you can learn here is that amount."

Antonina Gromov 1 million 750 thousand rubles. State grant has already decided to buy the farm "Limousines. " Is the title of a French beef breed bulls, which had long dreamed to have a mistress.

At the opening of the congress chairman farmers RAB Dmitry Patrushev announced the launch of a large-scale education program "Become a farmer". The company aims to inform farmers that the forms and methods of support — the possibilities offered by the government, who want to start their own businesses in rural areas.

Dmitry Patrushev, Chairman of the Board of JSC "Russian Agricultural Bank": "There is quite clearly spelled out the steps that should be doing a beginner farmer in order to open his new business in agriculture. Millions of copies of it all done."

Step by step instruction, master classes, round tables, hot lines, and most importantly, except for tips to help financially.


Until 1997, the number of people willing to work on their farms has declined steadily. Since 2008, the number of farmers increased from 160 thousand to 300 thousand. Today they have grown 46% grain, 55% sunflower, 87% vegetables, 93% of potatoes, the share of the private sector accounts for 48% of the meat produced in Russia, 65% of the milk. Given the special role of small farms in state program for the development of agriculture in the country for 2013-2020 included a separate section on state farmers.

Rewarding experience. Supermarket their products.

Now people Krasnoyarsk, Only logged in can immediately determine where the local produce, and where imported. On the shelves of Krasnoyarsk goods laid under brand Yenisei — the product. They are now in the networks of more than half the capital of the region, and it was only 10%. The regional authority has ceased to hold the position when the local agricultural producers can not get through on the shelves of retailers. And was followed by an offer he could not refuse trade. Since last year, Ministry of Agriculture of the Krasnoyarsk Trade began to return 10% of the amount, on which it increased sales of local products.

Sergei Novikov, deputy director of the trading network: "Our economy is defined here, is the difference between what we paid and what we got. So, here’s the difference, it may be offset by the reduced price or a member, or some retro additional bonuses. Example. This premium the volume of sales. "

Waste of budget money to stimulate trade Krasnoyarsk products quickly produced results: the local confectionery, meat and dairy products have appeared on the shelves of retailers. Now in stores Krasnoyarsk on 60% more food that is produced in the province.

Sergey Chuprov, director of the dairy: "We are now free to start up, invite, and beckoning us to provide a normal existence on the shelves."

Earlier Sergey Chuprov could attach only 2 names of their products are now on the shelves of chain stores, it is four times larger. As a result of last year’s production and sales of dairy products in the factory Chuprova increased by 12%. The winners were and agricultural producers. For instance, Enterprise "Mayak" a year ago was selling milk with a maximum of 12 rubles, now it is taking to 18. As a result, last year the economy received an additional 2 million rubles.

Eugene Nazarov, head of agricultural enterprises: "We are now planning to expand by 100 dairy cows are increasing acreage. If we are there, too, was a decline, lack of working capital, respectively, and this reduction in production. Today a lot of money to invest in order to increase the milk yield per cow."

The whole idea of premium for trade and processors cost Krasnoyarsk budget of 100 million rubles. The same money pledged for this year, and again one of the boundary lawmakers did not oppose such spending. Due to the fact that local producers increased volumes of increasing profit. Hence, the taxes on it. So these are more than 100 million back to the regional treasury.


1) was held in Moscow Third All-Russian Congress of Fisheries. At the opening of the forum was the first Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov. He said the fishing industry is one of the mos
t attractive investment sectors in Russia.

Viktor Zubkov, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation: "Every year the amount of fish caught are added by 300,000 tons. This is a good result, and the figure for last year exceeded 4.2 million tons. Annual catch. This dynamic creates a real opportunity to achieve the target of a specific doctrine of food security have not less than 80% of domestic products in the overall balance. "

The Government considers it necessary to solve the problem of resource allocation and to develop a new concept of coastal fisheries. Export of raw materials to the deep processing products. This motif was held in Rostov-on-Don, Russian Agricultural Forum. In the roundtable politicians and entrepreneurs discussed the prospects of development of agriculture until 2020.

2)Sergei Kyslov, president of the group of companies "South of Russia": "The situation now with the grain. We export 20, this year, waiting for 27 million tons. Record. Another thing is that the grain is a versatile raw material for the production of what you want. Corn can be converted into an egg in meat, milk, fish, fuel, whatever you want . This is a whole grain. So today we have a tremendous resource base upon which you can build anything you want. "

An example of such diversification can serve the oil processing industry. 12 years ago the country imported about one million tons of vegetable oil. Today, Russia exports more than one million tons to meet their needs and in this product. In just the last 4 years of investment in the food processing industry of Russia exceeded 600 billion rubles. Russia’s accession to the WTO will lead to the consolidation of the meat industry while reducing its profitability. Most under the influence will be pig. Such a conclusion was made by analysts of "Troika Dialog". Duty pork offal will drop to 5% on the import of live pigs from 40 percent to 5, what can a 4 fold increase in the import of live pigs to 200,000 tonnes by 2015. This will inevitably lead to a drop in prices by 18-20%, experts predict.

Projects. Halal chicken of Mari El.

On Mari poultry Akashevskaya Muslims are free to pray 5 times a day. For them, especially undeveloped prayer room. Not only that, a few times a month followers of Islam are invited to butchering and preparation of halal products. According to the rules, it is on the clean line shop, special knives and hand only Muslim men.

Shamsutdin Dakhadaev, head slaughterhouse: "Specially trained men, Muslims come in the morning, I mean. Morning prayer, then bathe. And I instruct then, I mean. Primarily safety means. Yet, already, and, after a process of naveshenivaniya chicken, then they begin slaughtered bird. "

Now on standard halal produce 460 tons per month of frozen and chilled poultry semis. Poultry enterprise Mari El was the first in Russia, which beginning to export halal poultry meat to Saudi Arabia.

Andrew Old Men, CFO of agricultural holdings: "We had a certification under the rules of Halal and signed several contracts now in order that we can sell products that is Halal foreign countries, such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Iraq."

In general, the company is betting on original products — from cutlets of chicken and dumplings to its own know-how. Recently started to produce chicken meat carpaccio — it’s smoked chicken fillets. Excellent go on sale at the price of 900 rubles per kilogram of chicken and chips. Do deep processing half of the produced volumes of poultry major challenge for the large enterprise. In his republic Poultry sells about 20% of production, and the rest goes to the neighboring regions and in Moscow.

Nicholas Krivash, founder of agricultural holdings: "To date, invested about 40 billion rubles and plan to invest another much again. So the total investment will be about 90 billion rubles and farmed poultry meat will be about 120 thousand tons."

The authorities of Mari El republic support poultry farmers financially and organizationally. And, in fact, for several years, managed to revive a fallen branch. The strategic objective for the region — to go in the coming years to produce 70,000 tons of poultry meat per year, with a full production cycle, from egg to produce breeding deep processing of meat.

Irina Dolgusheva, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Mari El"Domestic demand is fully closed on poultry meat. We are of the order of 30,000 tonnes was exported outside the region. Expect that by 2015, the Republic of Mari El will be among the five regions of Russia, who will lead the production of poultry meat per capita."

For poultry Russia has closed its needs by 97%, but the groundwork for increased production for the domestic market is still there. Consumption volumes are growing and will soon approach the European public — 40 kg per inhabitant per year. But now Mari poultry farmers, like many other large producers of chicken meat, have to look closely to the markets of the Arab and South-East Asian countries.

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