Bryansk businesses received government orders

The once were in the doldrums of "192 Central railway equipment factory" JSC and "85 Repair Plant" embarked on a defense order.

At the 192nd factory started full production cycle. The main task assigned to factory workers, to make two bridges commissioned by the Ministry of Defense — floating rail and bridge-overpass. The manufacture of such complex steel plant started in 2010.



In addition, the 192-th plant has been for many years, produces equipment for driving concrete piles. The plant developed a plan of modernization, according to which over five years for the purchase of new equipment will spend up to 300 million rubles.

"This is a plant that has a full technological cycle of production, — said the chief engineer of the plant Alexey Tarasov. — We have purchased and put into use plasma cutting machine. Due to a major upgrade of metallurgical production, we plan to double the output of casting. "

As regards of "85 Repair Plant", today there employs about 200 people. The company serves the defense order for the Strategic Missile Forces in the amount of about 135 million rubles.

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