Bryansk Engineering Works has completed certification of new universal gondola

Bryansk Engineering Plant received the certificate of conformity and began to produce a series of four-universal docking gondolas with unloading hatches model 12-3090.


Certificate SS FZHT. ru. TSV02. A. 08041 issued by the Register of certification by the federal railways for a period of three years. It allows the company to produce a mounting series of cars — 2000 pieces. In preparation for the certification, the gondola was preliminary and certification tests, which were carried out by specialists of "Engineering Center of rolling stock" (St. Petersburg).

Stationary brake test, test brake, static strength tests when empty and laden, to impact on the strength of unloading hatches were carried out on the territory of the BMZ. In Tver wagon was tested on the operating loads (tension, compression) and at the site "Belorechenskaya" (Krasnodar Territory) — running and brake tests …

The test results were positive and confirmed the adequacy of the design standards for the analysis and design of freight cars of 1520, as well as safety requirements. Gondola model 12-3090 has a volume of 88 cubic meters body, load capacity — 69, 5 tons axle load — 23, 5 tons. The design uses threadless fittings for connecting pipes braking system kolesosberegayuschie asbestos pads.

These technical solutions meet the latest requirements of JSC "Russian Railways" and increase the reliability of rolling stock in operation. Feature of the gondola is reinforced construction upper binding, preventing the deformation of the bodywork during loading and unloading. Boarding the side walls reduces friction against the walls of the cargo while unloading. Upon request, the car can be equipped with wheels kolparami increased hardness.

Gondola 12-3090 is designed for use on a railway track gauge of 1520 mm. Rolling stock of this type is used for the carriage of bulk cargoes not requiring protection from the weather.

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