Bryansk Engineering Works restored the Soviet production

This year, the most intense in terms of output at the BMZ was June. This month was made 22 shunting locomotives and one main. Such output diesel locomotives did not reach more than twenty years.

  • Two-section line freight locomotive 2TE25A

Total in the first half of 2013, the Bryansk Engineering Plant (JSC "MC" BMP ", is part of ZAO" Transmashholding ") made 1392 wagon, 93 shunting locomotives, six main machines, seven teplovozokomplektov to Vilnius Locomotive depot, six sets of trolleys for electric locomotive EP20 , components for escalators and TK65 ES03 and other products. 

These results — "a good test for the plant," says production manager Leonid Kaikov. In the next year is expected to more complex program that will increase orders for diesel locomotive "Knight" at times. When the 2013th of their scheduled 11, then the next will be at least 30, and the maximum — 40 units, ie 80 sections. This increase in production will require the rapid restructuring of the work of all departments, tied in interdepartmental cooperation: the procurement, machining, assembly. Indeed, by 2016, the plant should produce has 160 sections per year.

Manufacturers of cars and not give ground — was manufactured in June 300 hopper cars.

Steelmakers in turn — fully half of the program dealt with in all respects.

Gaining momentum mehanozagotovitelnoe production. Until the end, the entire machining, which was made in the workshops of teplovozostroeniya and car moves to the mechanical workshop number 1 and number 2. In the future, according to Leonid Kaykova, mehanozagotovitelnoe will be one of the key industries in the BMZ.

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