Bryansk machine-building plant produced 50 new wagons for the Uralelectromed


Bryansk Engineering Plant (part of ZAO "Transmashholding") sent to the customer 50 new wagons with universal unloading hatches model 12-3090.

The client is "Uralelectromed." In total, the company until the end of the year TransMashHolding supply 300 such cars.

Gondola is a new product for the BMZ, the production of which is mastered in 2011. A distinctive feature of the new car is enhanced design upper binding, preventing the deformation of the body during loading and unloading. Boarding the side walls reduces friction against the walls of the cargo while unloading. The design uses threadless fittings for connecting pipes braking system kolesosberegayuschie asbestos pads.

The car complies with the requirements of JSC "Russian Railways", in June 2011 it was certified by the Registry for certification by the federal railways.

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