BSU has launched a production workshop nanotitan

Rector of the Belgorod State University Leonid Dyatchenko said that the production developed on the basis of high school academic products will be certified to supply to the world market. Nanotitan required for certification on the basis of the establishment of a pilot plant for the production of a full-fledged department of the product. At present, the company has made the final installation of equipment.

"We call on the Commission certification program. Certified nanotitan expose on the international market. From it we do implants and other products for health care, " — Said the Rector of the National Research University "BSU." The development of the university itself, according to the head of the university, has about five years. The new format of the enterprise needed to yield to the international market.

However, Leonid Dyatchenko recalled that in 2011 in the base for the university city hospital number 2 Belgorod Professor Vladimir Lutsenko made his first surgery to implant the hip joint to the patient. "This is the beginning of the implementation of our nanotitan" — Said the rector.

Belgorod physicists began development of nanotechnology from scratch a few years ago. Today Center for Nanostructured Materials and Nanotechnologies, Belgorod State University staffed by highly qualified staff and equipment costs in the tens of millions of dollars. The production building of the Center of nanostructured materials and nanotechnology BSU is located in the former factory "Elektrokontakt." At the plant, except for the production, and is certified laboratory.


ultrafine titanium in the form of bars 

the microstructure of the material under the electron microscope 



Centre "Nanostructured Materials and Nanotechnology" was the lead organization in the implementation of major government contract federal program on "The development of pilot technologies to produce a new generation of medical implants based on titanium alloys", with total funding of 323 million rubles. In the performance of the contract involved 12 subcontractors, representing major scientific and industrial organizations in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tomsk, and Kazan. The aim of this project is to develop advanced technologies for production of titanium implants, including ultra-fine, with multifunctional bioactive nanostructured coatings for replacement, osteoplastic surgery and dentistry. 


 Center opening  


The company specializes in the production of steel in the form of bars and strips of nanostructured and submicrocrystalline unalloyed titanium VT1-0, Grade 4 for the needs of medical and technical purposes. Production has enhanced mechanical properties and high biocompatibility because, unlike commonly used currently worldwide doped titanium alloys Ti-Al-V, does not contain harmful for the living organism of the alloying elements (Al and V), and is characterized by enhanced corrosion resistance.

Medical products made from nanocrystalline titanium shear strength, torsional and flexural not yield a corresponding one of doped titanium alloys, while exhibit an extremely high flexibility, i.e. products which have high reliability. 


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