BSU opened a medical diagnostic center

  • Photo: Belgorod State University


Belgorod State University Diagnostic Center has launched a set of innovative medical technologies, equipped with modern facilities to serve the students and staff of the university. 

Diagnostic Center opened the clinic treatment and preventive medicine at the university created in 2008 from the Center for Prevention to provide qualified and affordable medical service to students, teachers and members of their families. For a new diagnostic center purchased the unique equipment worth more than 220 million rubles.

It remains only to pass the necessary licensing procedures, and separation (diagnostic, fluoroscopic and functional diagnostics) to full capacity.

In areas outside the Student has delivered 80% of the necessary equipment, which has no analogues in competing organizations in the region.

"The diagnostic center focused modern installations that allow the study of bones and joints, the spine, the sinuses; fluorograph, mammography, angiography, analyzers, gastrointestinal tract, heart, ultrasound machines, and more. Center laboratories can pass as advanced biochemical analysis and many immunochemical assays for the levels of hormones, tumor markers ", — the representative of the university.

According to the chief doctor of the University Hospital of therapeutic and preventive medicine Michael Krayushkina, the equipment allows for a day to conduct a survey of about 250 people. It is assumed that the staff and students of the Belgorod State University will be held free diagnostics, and further services of the center will be available to the city.


The university continues to build clinical center $ 900 million. For the completion of the object to 150 million rubles. This site will house a dental cluster, the separation of clinical and preclinical studies, as well as centers of microsurgery and genetic engineering of humans.

We note that the diagnostic center, which has already put into operation, and the new project are part of the medical cluster, created today at the university.



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