BTK made the first bunker under a contract with Carnival Cruise Lines

OOO "Baltic Fuel Company" (BTK, Saint-Petersburg) carried out the first bunker under a contract with the cruise operator Carnival Cruise Lines.

Bunker fuel (600 tons of fuel oil and 80 tons of diesel fuel) were delivered May 4, 2012 at the passenger liner AIDA sol using its own bunkering tankers "Captain Shiryaev."

Terms of the contract provided for 160 in the marine bunkering Passenger Port of St. Petersburg (terminal "Marine Facade") during the summer season — May to September 2012. Total volume of the fuel will be 160 million tons, of which 130,000 tons — oil.

In passenger ships bunkering BTC plans to use its own modern fleet that meets the requirements of the application VI to MARPOL. In particular, under the provision of the contract marked the tanker "Captain Ponikarovsky" with capacity of 5 tons and the tanker "Captain Shiryaev" capacity 2,500 tons.

OOO "Baltic Fuel Company" was founded in St. Petersburg in 2008 to manage the bunkering companies holding. Group companies for more than 10 years in the field of exports of petroleum products, bunkering, environmental services, etc.

The company’s fleet consists of 31 units and is the largest bunkering fleet in the North West. The company is one of three market leaders bunkering services port of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region ports, as well as the top three markets for petroleum products by road to the North-West of Russia

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