Budennovsky Machine Works has launched a series of platform to Kamaz with the system loader

JSC "Budennovsky machine works" has developed and started production of a replacement platform for cargo automotive body systems, "loader".

The platform specially created for ispolzvaoniya on Kamaz trucks. At the output of the platform is a welded construction, painted enamel ML yellow. Established platform has side and rear boards. 
Products are introduced to the market and will cost approximately 116,000 rubles.  

The main advantages of vehicles with "Multilift" are:
the possibility of automated loading and unloading of cargo and transported objects without using special lifting mechanisms with minimal loading time work (in minutes);
the possibility of transforming into vehicles with various design and purpose (cars with side platform and an open platform, dump trucks, container trucks, cars with tanks, etc.);
ability to transport a wide variety of goods, including tracked vehicles, roll-off containers, and truck-vans, heavy freight containers in cargo packages and pallets, bulk cargo, etc.;
high performance for transport works on the short arms of the transportation when the proportion of time for loading and unloading of goods is a significant part within a single flight;
less need for manpower for the transport.

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