Builders have handed the first case in the biotech Koltsovo

Builders put into operation the first two cases biotechnopark in Koltsovo, Novosibirsk Region.

According to the website administration Koltsovo, in August 2012 commissioned two buildings of the complex production of "SPS-Farm" — "daughter", "Scientific Future Management» (SFM) Bekareva businessmen Andrew and Andrew Artamonov.

The first buildings will house biocluster laboratory building and the accelerator center with two electron-beam accelerator made of the Novosibirsk Institute of Nuclear Physics. Prior investments in the construction of two buildings Andrei Bekarev estimated at 350 million rubles.

The company expects to launch the on-site biotechnopark boosters needed in the production of thrombolytic "Trombovazim" — the exclusive agent "SPS-Farm." "One accelerator — medical, used in the production process, the second — generalists, can run on the side, to provide additional services", — said earlier Bekarev.

As explained by the head of communications management and information SFM Xenia Erdman, currently installed at the site of electron-beam accelerator generalists, maintained its commissioning.

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