Builders Omsk Metro finished tunneling Crystal Nina


The builders of the first start site of the first metro line Omsk completed the tunneling of the left tunnels between stations "Crystal" and "Nina," according to the regional government.

"For four months Tunnel complex went the distance in the 644 meters and came to the plenum in the POC" Festival ", docked with the previously constructed 888-meter section of the left tunnels. During January specialists SMU-44 NGO" bridge builders "traveled more than 200 feet from the average speed of 10.8 meters per day, "- said in a statement.

According to the government, excavation of the site was fraught with difficulties: the construction area is extremely rich in watered soils. To secure the breed was made extra special two-component injection backfill mixture. Despite the difficulties, all the work was carried out in accordance with the schedule. Now the construction of Omsk Metro clock employs more than 400 people. In parallel with the construction of the tunnel works on arrangement of the site near the station of "The Cathedral", produced dumping ground for ramp area station "Prospect Rokossovskogo." In late February metrostroiteli begin to pile sheet piling excavation station "Cathedral."

Previously, the Town Planning Board approved the concept of the Omsk region "light" on the subway trestles, on which one of the subway lines extend to the airport "Omsk-Fedorivka." Omsk Metro will be the first in the country where the trains will run computers. The advantages of an innovative concept — to reduce the cost of the project, reducing construction time, reduced maintenance costs. In accordance with the schedule in 2016, the anniversary of the city, scheduled to be operational first starting portion of the first subway line Omsk, stretching over seven miles and includes five stations.

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