Built another IL-96-400T

November 17, 2011 from the airfield Voronezh aircraft took to the first flight of a new wide-body cargo aircraft IL-96-400T (Serial number 01004).

 Photo source:take-off.ru

This machine is built to order by VASO leasing company "Ilyushin Finance." And will be the fourth cargo IL-96 in the airline’s fleet "Flight".
Currently operated three Il-96-400T were obtained by "flying" in 2009

 Photo source:take-off.ru

Certification testing of IL-96-400T, conducted on two planes, ended the year before: Supplement Type Certificate IAC issued April 7, 2008 (the base type certificate for the Il-96-300, has received 29 December 1990, and cargo Il-96T with American engines and avionics certified in Russia, and later in the United States in 1998).

The official transfer of the cerebral side of RA-96101 Airlines "Flight" was held in Voronezh, April 23, 2009, and the aircraft RA-96102 — 1 October of the same year. Regular transportation services to the Il-96-400T started "flying" September 27, 2009 In the same year produced the VACO third Il-96-400T (№ 01003, RA-96103) that came to the park of December 14, 2009

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