Built on the Yamal district center to fight against AIDS and STDs

The project was implemented in Noybrsk, formerly the District AIDS Center held a variety of areas in different parts of the city, including and in the city hospital. In addition to HIV, there will treat parenteral viral hepatitis B, C, D, some infectious diseases, allergies and immunodeficiency 

The new building is located clinics receiving sixteen thousand visits a year, hospital beds at fifty, which provides for isolated single and double rooms with all the amenities. The institution has a branch for infected mothers with a generic room, operating, dressings, X-ray room, clinical and diagnostic department. In the laboratories of establishedorudovanie that will also diagnose swine flu and cancer. 

The district center is unique in many ways — it is the first model project of the AIDS Center in Russia, developed to meet the institution and one of the few peripheral AIDS centers with a level of equipment.

Center for Prevention and Control of AIDS is a high-tech medical facility, equipped with the most modern equipment. The project provides a high level of automation and control of engineering systems. This technology applied to ensure high efficiency of both equipment and design solutions. Take into account the requirements for access with limited mobility.

With the opening of the new center increased the capacity of the secondary prompt diagnosis and comorbidities. Introduced X-ray diagnostics, including dental. The volume of endoscopic studies, functional diagnostics, including electroencephalography, high-tech methods elastometry liver, allowing more accurately determine the degree of liver fibrosis in patients with parenteral viral hepatitis, toxic and inherited diseases of the liver. Today, the District AIDS Center — the only health care facility in the region, implementing the clinical practice this technique.

Also increased the volume of laboratory tests. In addition to markers of infectious diseases can be defined tumor markers, thyroid condition, a diagnosis of allergies and anemia, a wide range of PCR diagnosis of many infectious diseases.

Support the work of the new health care facility will be 274 specialist. AIDS Center is the first building of the new medical campus Noyabr’sk, in the future there will be built a few meditsinskh institutions: clinic, diagnostic center, dental and psychological and substance abuse clinics, ambulance station number 2, and a rehabilitation center.

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