Built ships in the 2000s

I tried to select only Launched ships passing factory tests or handed fleet. Unfortunately for many information is scanty and sometimes contradictory. Data obtained from public sources.

Pr. 20380 "Guarding" put one plus one launched 

Pr. 21630 "Desperado"  

Pr. 20370 Boat Connections 4 pieces

Pr. 11661 frigate "Tatarstan"

Pr. 11540 Patrol ships "Yaroslav Mudry"

Pr. 11356 Patrol ships, "Sentinel", "Shock", "SKR-23" + 2 floated

Pr. Missile hovercraft project in 1239, the code "Sivush" "Simoom"

Pr.503M/RR Border patrol vessels PPS-818, PPP-819

Pr. 20180 "Star" Naval Weapons (search-and-transport vessel)

Pr. 20120 B-90 "Sarov"

Pr. 18280 1 Communication Ship built "Admiral Yuri Ivanov"

Pr. 16180 Deep machine

Pr. 14230 " Sokzhoy "2 pcs.

Pr. 1431 "Mirage"?

Pr. 1161.1 "Cheetah"

Pr. 266.8 "Agat"

Pr. 10410/2 "Firefly" 2003-2007 PC built 6-8

Pr. 955 "Borey" "Yury Dolgoruky"

Pr. 885 "Ash" K-329 "Severodvinsk"

Pr. 667 "Lada" B-585 "St. Petersburg"

Pr. 10830 "Wicket"

Nuclear submarine "Project 210" "Losharik"

small landing craft, "Serna" and 4 pieces

Small hydrographic vessel of 19910 "Vaygach"

Large hydrographic boat of project 19920 (19920B) BGK-2090

Small hydrographic boat project 16830, the code "bustard" 3 pc.

Small survey vessels Project 16611, the code "Fairway"

Raid tug project 90600. 18 pcs.

Sea trawlers Project 12660, the code "Ruby", "Gumanenko"  

Pr.02668, code "Agat" Sea trawler Vice Admiral Zakhar’in

Project T-4M code "crewman" PSKA-762

Landing craft project 21820, the code "Dugong" D-105

Landing craft project in 1176, the code of "Shark" 4 pieces  

Large patrol boats Cipher "Falcon" Andrei Orlov (MCHVV), Oleg Viznyuk (MCHVV) 2 pcs 

Boats Special Purpose Project A Project A-125-125m2 units 

Large patrol boats Project 22240M, cipher "Fregat" BSK number 711 

Anti-seal boat Project 21980, the code "Rook" 

Project 12421 missile boats  

Practically for each of these vessels, now on the stocks build new vessels from the respective series, many deadline in 2011, so next year will be fruitful. 

Here a more complete list

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