Buk-M2 stands on alert

In the Central Military District, Russia completed upgrading the air defense forces. To replace the outdated anti-aircraft missile systems comes a new fire installation — "Buk-M2", with which detect and destroy any aircraft or missile can be just a few minutes. One of the first benefits of the new weapon was tested in a military unit near Ufa.

There is a regular class on fire and tactical training, although in the case of red alert would it look that way. Five minutes on the deployment and the same — the destruction objectives: mobility with which anti-aircraft missile systems "Buk" are able to carry out his mission, making them virtually invulnerable to enemy defense systems. Now, "Buki" are adopted in the Central Military District, but ready at any moment to advance anywhere in the country. Only one missile battalion is capable of controlling up to 150 square kilometers on the ground and almost 15-kilometer zone in the air.

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In the new modern missile troops armed with the 297th Brigade has managed to take part in international exercises "Center", and now the pennant for the difference in combat training is the place of honor — next to the banner section. "To be the best in everything" — the motto of which they try to follow religiously.

Senior Lieutenant Maxim Sergeev shows the beauty and glory of the Army Air Defense modern Russia. This modern self-propelled fire install it along with co-workers is not only combat watch, but also took part in the Victory Parade in Red Square. "It was an unforgettable experience — the Victory Parade. In the Army Now everything is changing for the better, we pay raise. This is serious business for the money you can and work hard, "- joking officer.

 Photo source:cdnvideo.ru

The innovations in the military were made and life of military personnel. Now the work of nutrition unit is built on the principle of outsourcing, which means that cooking a meal deal only with professional chefs, the soldiers in the kitchen did not show up. But in the Army as a variety of menus in the resort: only the first for the military is prepared seven kinds of soups. Senior army canteen cook Lyudmila Volkova proudly lists "and sausages in the morning — three times a week, fresh meats portioned for lunch, milk porridge."

The changes are in the army waited for a long time, now get all the great shape. Thus, the main and most discussed news not only at work but at home — higher wages. In the officers’ families are not afraid to make plans for the future. Natalia Fortuna, the wife of one of the officers, said: "" We see that the government cares not only in words but in deeds. "

The other day in the army to begin a new school year, and to post a new addition will arrive conscripts. This call is likely to be the last: in the years to such high-tech troops as defense will be fully completed by contractors.

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