Bulgaria — the poorest country in the European Union

According to the study the EU statistical office, the richest country in the regional organization for the year 2007 is recognized as Luxembourg. The poorest country called Bulgaria. The study is based on the calculation of purchasing power parity and the share of gross domestic product per capita.

According to Eurostat data, the parameters in Luxembourg, almost three times the average for the 27 EU countries and make up 276 points. Such a high rate of Luxembourg is associated with the presence of the country’s large number of foreign workers who, not being a resident, increase the country’s GDP.

In second place with 146 points — Republic of Ireland, which is one of the largest "donor" EU, RIA "Novosti". Third in the list of the richest and most prosperous countries in the EU was Holland: 131 points. In fourth place — Austria with 128 index points.

Next on the list are Germany, which has the most efficient economic system among the countries — members of the EU (113 points), France (111 points), Spain (107 points) and Italy, scored 101 points. Completing the list of "rookies" of the EU — Romania and Bulgaria joined the unit last year and scored 41 and 38 points respectively.

Purchasing power parity — an artificial value, which does not affect the difference in prices in the European Union. This concept can be used in different contexts comparative. The theory of purchasing power parity was formulated by Gustav Cassel (Gustav Cassel). A popular example of its use is the "Big Mac Index", regularly calculated and published by the British weekly The Economist. The index is calculated based on the prices of "Big Mac" at McDonalds restaurants in different countries and is an alternative exchange rate.

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