Bulk and the Jewish Question

In the 30’s in Germany, one The_Sleeper Goebbels,
small, thin Jew, Minister of lies and propaganda, had a lot of Jewish facial features. The triangular head; Jewish ugly nose, ears like a chimpanzee, sloping forehead and chin, and his eyes reptiles and so on. Facial expressions, voice intonation, gestures … In general Jew, clearly marked, poorly disguised.

But why the Germans did not see the contradictions? Why did the Germans in Goebbels saw the true Aryan? Why they did not attach importance to the fact that half of the Reich leadership, made up of Jews? As has turned out such an absurdity that the wave of hatred towards the Jews, they are well behind them and move? Obeyed the orders and go out and kill, and not only the other "inferior" people, but also themselves, logically, also a "defective".
In the meantime, you can understand:
1) Traditional German carelessness.
3) The Germans simply did not know how to distinguish a Jew from the German.
3) Blind faith in the lie that Goebbels was able to put on a state level.

Traditional German razdolbaystvo. What is this? Well, for example, to take for granted that the members of the Nazi Party, receive a substantial salary from the money that they themselves collect their party membership fees. Or to believe that a powerful economic recovery of the country and a major arms largest army in the world, took place (!) For 5 years (do not laugh) on the money dryzg devastated "German industrialists." Or, for example, when the first winter the company does not take the form of winter clothing, warm, near Moscow, and the second winter the company again did not take the form of winter clothes and freeze at Stalingrad.

Why do we believe that the Germans are organized, civilized and intelligent, they themselves, repeatedly proved the opposite, since only the twentieth century? It is necessary to think of this, attack on the Soviet Union on the frontline in 2000 miles, instead of a single blow to Moscow .. Well, let’s say, the general staff and senior management in Germany, consisting of half of the Jews who did everything possible that would ruin as many Russian and German, but the rest of the German figures, did not realize that it was a suicide?

Germany has suffered a terrible defeat, the loss of the male population are hidden until now. Do not believe it if you say otherwise, just include elementary logic. In its 45th year, hit by the mobilization of young people, the disabled and the elderly. The British and Americans were subjected to carpet bombing Cologne, Hamburg, Dresden. On top of it, in the American concentration camps in Zap.Germanii and France, died of cold and hunger of hundreds of thousands of Wehrmacht soldiers.

And again, the Germans did not understand what was done to them, and who did it. After the war, have begun to pay a huge tribute to Israel, which did not even exist at the time of the 2nd MB. Any Jew who wants to settle in Germany to relocate and grant housing and compensation, even if he was not born in Germany, and even if he was born after the war.

Something has changed? no. In the 21st century, the Germans must ogomosyachivatsya, tolerastitsya, kiss ass, not only Jews, but Arabs and Turks, and blacks. Destroy their culture, lowering the birth rate … How many more must happen bullying, that the Germans would understand the cause of their troubles?

Elections — voting technology for the "hyped" candidate

Few now remember that in Germany before Hitler and the Nazi Party took complete control, the Germans voted for as long as the election results are not brought in, the desired result. As in Ukraine, most recently, in 2004, the results of the previous round are declared invalid, and the Ukrainians again drove to the next round "vote for as long as the elect Yushchenko." But elections in Ukraine, it is only a weak copy of the German, and in Germany the crowd were forced to vote as much (!) Nine times in a row.
The technology is not complicated: voted, the results are bad, for the fact that something is declared broken, and so on all the new elections. If you do not want to fulfill their civic duty, then go to a meeting, or get a pogrom, or do not get the bread, or take a path, or hyperinflation … full of options.

And how to get the crowd involved in the rise to power of the Nazi Party? Control of the media, propaganda, lies and manipulation. Goebbels knew that people can not think for themselves. The fact that people think they have to read the newspaper and listen to the rally. How did Goebbels controlled the media when he was not yet Reich minister? The answer: money. On the propaganda in the media, could allocate money only one who had them not earns, but who they are. Contradictions? — There are no contradictions. Such money is the only one who controls their printing.

Who, in their right mind and memory of, is to invest in the promotion of Navalny, tens of millions of dollars, though it is known beforehand that he could not even get into the second round of elections in Moscow? Again simple, the only one who did not earn the money, but just typed, ie The Fed and its controlled organizations (including the territories of Russia).
Forced once again to compare the situation with the situation 32-33 years of our time. Who controls the media disinformation is now: http://poznavatelnoe.tv/fedorov_reklama_navalny



"Who is a Jew and who is not a Jew, I decide" G.Gering
Goebbels spent the most powerful PR campaign to discredit the Jews. Only one has forgotten to explain to the Germans how to distinguish Jews from the Germans. As a result, Germans, Jews differed, for example, in their national dress or to whom will show members of the Nazi Party … Star of David — a good marker determination Jew, is not it?
Subordinates Goebbels, marked with stars, shops wrong Jews. Action tracking famous papers Goebbels "Germans, do not buy from Jews!"

Why? Because the Jew sells cheap but shoddy goods, while the German set the proper price for a good product. Because the Jew is cheating on you, while the German treats you fairly and honestly. Because a Jew, you can buy all kinds of junk and German markets, basically, only high quality products.


"What monstrous lie, the more readily people believe in it," Y.Gebbels

In fiery speeches Goebbels was brought up in the Germans hate the Jews. He promised reprisals against London Jewish journalists, for their lies about the Fuhrer (pictured right moment where Goebbels’ at war with the British, "someone who perevret). British journalists really resented the fact that the Jews in Germany selected property, and the Jews driven out of the country or rounded up in the ghetto. But interestingly, they did not call to boycott the Berlin Olympics as they are now calling for a boycott of the Sochi. Did not give a good half Jewish ancestry Nazi leadership. What would be nice if London tried to explain to your BBC, that only the language of the German leadership is struggling with all the Jews, and in practice, divides them into regular and irregular. If such an attempt has been, it may not have been able to create the Hitler war machine?

Britain, along with France, the Treaty of Versailles, had to control the ban for Germany to have armed forces. Instead, they only contributed to the rapid and excessive armament of Germany, what could we then demand that journalists … Here and now, instead of condemning the terrorist attacks in Syria, they also continue arming terrorists. From France and did, send the statement that they will solve the issue by force in circumvention of the UN.

Little evidence that Hitler was a Jew http://www.dazzle.ru/antifascism/hitler.shtml
Given the words and actions of this man, maniacal, ruthless to the lives of others, there is no reason to think that he is an Austrian or German. Those monstrous crimes committed against the peoples of the Soviet Union, only a Jew could do.
Remember the look of the Germans, Dieter Bohlen, Thomas Anders, Oliver Kahn, Frans Beckenbauer, Lothar Matthaus, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Michael Schumacher, Michael Ballack, etc.
Now compare these Deutschmann with characteristic facial features with a nasty-faced Jew Hitler.

Thanks to the wonderful books http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqfTtT4qjmw
for many people, there is no question of "who financed Hitler and the Nazi Party?". Facts, documents, logical chain, said that for a reason, nothing happens. Hitler financed by Western banks. Funding was provided not for a quick profit, but for what would be the strongest competitors in England and the United States, destroyed each other in the war. With respect to Germany, their goals were realized, and in the case of the USSR, only partially. For this "partial" and they vyshvurnuli Churchill with his high office, but that’s another story.

It took 80 years, but nothing new they could not come up with, the same tools, the same lies and methods. All copy, external financing, the election process, creating chaos, terrorist attacks, demonstrations, media control, the selection of leaders, their funding and promotion, up until the gesticulations of these very "leaders."
A goal? Yes, all the same goal, the mutual destruction of the competitors in the fire of war. At this time, there are options: the Islamic world against Russia and China against Russia.
Who’s finances now? but all the same the Fed, as nothing has changed. Anal invited to school revolutionaries put him Hitler, Goebbels speech given documents on corruption in Russia, contributed tens of millions of $ on the promotion of the project information, and more, go right ahead.
And it was difficult to get them serious documents on corruption in Russia? No, not at all difficult. They pulled them from their "off-shore", pulled out of the system, which they themselves have created. What’s so hard about that?


It took 80 years, and we have to watch as some Russian people come to the old German rake. We have not learned to distinguish lies from truth, but have accumulated a wealth of experience, logically should know and German experience.
Maybe it’s time to take the story right, to remember the consequences of lack of understanding of simple things? One of these simple things, it will learn to identify a Jew by their appearance, in their speech, in their thrust to lie. And, always remember that to which their activities leads to victims when they take power. Is erased from our memory is what has led to the seizure of power by the Jews of Russia in 1917? Then, according to some estimates in IIWW killed, more than 60 million people and is also accompanied by the rise to power of the Jews.

Link 1http://124um.livejournal.com/1050472.html

Link 2http://likbezxxi.narod.ru/vc/pril2.htm

Defined by the National Bulk

The Jews, too often, on the upper edge of the ear, there is a sharpening, or well-marked eye, a significant break.
Sometimes markedly thickened, sometimes bump

The tip of the nose Jew goes down for a horizontal line of the wings
Jew’s ear, when viewed in profile, is significantly declined ago

The contour of the ear Jew, often directly opposed to the contour of the ear Slavic-Virus.
The top and bottom of the ear pressed to the head, and the middle part of the ear visibly stepped aside.

One of the characteristic hallmarks of the Jews is the presence of eye
nodule. It is not associated with age, nodule formed in childhood, and only intensified over the years.

One of the most typical signs of a Jew is a significant exposure of the gums with a smile

Many Jews earlobe, or none, or very poorly expressed.
In this case, the ear is attached to a side surface of the face, the bottom lobe.

At the point of connection of the lower edge of the ear membrane is allocated, as an isolated strip on the side face.

I note that only one external sign, not to mention the national rights, so do not kill yourself if you find something like that. Jewish nationality often manifests itself immediately several features, but the main difference is the behavior and actions, and not the crooked nose, which could simply be broken, for example as a result of the fight.

Another feature of the Jews, is the acting, excessive facial expressions and gestures during performances. Often replay, which nevertheless has an effect on individuals with primitive slave origin. Not surprisingly, the Bulk imitate Hitler and Goebbels, one to one. If once worked, means and work again.
Unfortunately, they are absolutely right, impressive part of people genuinely do not understand how it is manipulated, does not know the story, do not know how to make inferences.



Turning to the flock, herd a flock of Bulk and calls, but this herd is paying attention.
His famous "What you got up like sheep? E.v.r.! …" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iS-wYoWwYAY
It copies not only the facial expressions and gestures leaders of the Reich, even figures of speech, almost one to one. Exactly the same slogans, the same hate, the same lie, and the herd like ..

Certainly, the model of behavior, Navalny prompted his Western masters. For example, in the military field, the U.S. army, the army, the Wehrmacht, copied a lot, if not all. Americans were convinced that leads up to the results. Do not rule out that Navalny convinced that copying Hitler and Goebbels would inevitably lead to the desired result. But as always, they do not take into account the important fact, the fact that the Russian differ from the Germans, and other Arabs.

Yes, you can, with the help of information manipulation, the Libyans get to destroy their own country, Tunisians can make shift guide for the needs of Western corporations, the Kurds can invite to take part in the demolition of the monument to Saddam, and to call them "free the Iraqi people", you can force the Egyptians to overthrow former President , then put the new, and then again to overthrow him. In the extreme case, if you can not infect all the people of the ideas of "freedom and democracy", that can run on their territory, terrorists, mercenaries and thugs in Syria.

As history has shown, can be stoned head and the Germans, so that they went to kill other people under false pretenses. Where are the Germans and where the Georgians (?) But here we see the same thing, "Go and kill."

All of them are amenable to manipulation by Jews, but in Russia these same processes are entirely different effect. Even in Ukraine mass dibilizatsiya was creaking and only a portion of the population, as for example in Belarus, generally not held any effect ..

What does this mean? This means that Russian human brain is designed not as they used to. Do not just make the Russian people do as ordered, not just a Russian man to make a slave. This is proven by our ancestors since ancient times, when the first anti-plague quarantine to protect itself borders, that is, state borders.

The purpose of my article, to open people’s eyes regarding the nationality of Alexei Navalny. Does not it seem strange that, being Russian, this Jew, how-to for a Russian? So much for the Russian that his anti-Semitic remarks condemned in Israel .. How is it similar to the 30s, when the Jew Goebbels blamed for hatred of Jews …
The bombing of the brain, lies and hypocrisy bombs, designed to confuse the citizens of Russia, as his time was muddled brains Germans.

If someone priznosit the word "Jew," he antisimit.

Am I antisimitom or Russian nationalist, or other surfer, or other terms that they and napridumyvali? answer — no. A judge me for the love of Russia, no one can, because love is not a crime. You can not hate the man for his nationality, as well as it can not be justified for the offense on the basis that he was a Jew. A man can be blamed for his Prohibited activities and not for their beliefs.

I just-just remind you that the coming to power of the Jews never good than not ended. It is not just about good or conditional on conditional bad. There is literally a question of life and death of millions of people. Robbery, genocide, murder, slavery, slaves attempted to explain that they are not slaves, and so on, and it’s not the association and hallucinations, these are the facts.

Equal rights is terrible to the Jews.

I’m for equality of rights of people of all nationalities. Equality is something that managed to carry out Comrade Stalin in his time. Jews in those days, like everyone else, working farmers, railroad workers, tailors, etc. Even the Jews miners, together with others, as we have said, "hanging on the honor roll."
It is, EQUALITY, that’s what today’s creative Jews fear like the plague. I’m not just for equality, I am for equality with the bank in favor of the Jews. I would have made the Jews a privileged nationality. What would this mean? — In a further financial support to the Jews, but only for the Jews working specialties. How would it be great if the tractor from the farm Lieberman Tsimbershtutsera received from the state once a year free ticket for two weeks at sea … Not on the Sea of Okhotsk, I do not sneer, and most of the Black, closer to Sochi. A Russian worker, put in the second part, or offer to go on holiday with his family at Teletsky lake. Or, for example, a Jewish girl, zinc, iron in an acid bath, the state does not issue a liter and two liters of milk for harm. Beauty.

Russian for Navalny?

Moscow before the election, the so-called "Russian nationalists" issued an appeal to his supporters. In it they ask to vote for Navalny, because the one lit up at the "Russian march". "Russian march" is when the crowd dibilov mistakenly consider themselves Russian, marching under the German flag. These dibilov, into thinking that this is not a German romanovskaja rag, and not a little bit flag Russian Empire .. And in fact, this flag symbolizes the German supremacy over the Russian people. But fuck not smart enough to figure out the details of its appearance in Russia, and then, they fuck and, more specifically, the dull street cannon fodder.

Not surprisingly, the "Russian nationalists" led by Jews. Belov, aka Judas Potkin, who denies the similarities with Khodorkovsky. Burr Dyomushkin, provocateur, defamatory their same idea their ultrapravizmom. And of course Vladlen Leonidovich Carlin, who adopted the name of screaming simitskuyu Thor (Torah).

So here is my article. Razberaytes who is who and who was capable of. Learn the history, but that the official Jewish history, and the real, not based on fiction, and on this evidence.

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