Bulky goods MORSHANSKHIMMASH sent to Belarus

Plant "MORSHANSKHIMMASH "  (Included in the machine-building holding "NOVAEM") Loaded bulky tank equipment of aluminum to the Belarusian company "Grodno Nitrogen". Available capacities are being built for the plant for production of granulated polyamide.


Participation in the tender for the manufacture of silos of 150 and 500 cubic meters was not only the Russian manufacturers, but also companies from Germany and the Netherlands. However, for a long time now Morshanskoye the reputation of a reliable manufacturer of specialty chemical equipment. The plant has a unique experience and is of high quality of welding when working with aluminum, which is highly valued by professionals in the field. Therefore, despite the tough competition, "MORSHANSKHIMMASH" won a landslide victory in the competition.

Whole Plant "MORSHANSKHIMMASH" to be manufactured for JSC "Grodno Nitrogen" 5 of these products, which will then be used for storage of bulk materials (pellets).

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