Buna Fortuna — Revolution in Russia uniforms

Boone’s Fortune — a new word in the market of professional clothing


Where to buy high-quality professional clothes or uniforms? In a market with dubious traders? It may be that in China, where after ordering party must often wait longer than six months?

It might be better to order from the manufacturer, geographically located in Russia and offers a full production cycle, from concept to delivery of finished things? Most likely, the reader a question: "what are there?" Indeed, the Russian market offers a very poor choice of uniforms. In our view, this term still refers to "orange sweatshirt" about quality, design approach in uniforms say no.


Buna Fortuna — A revolution in the Russian market of uniforms

But now there is such a manufacturer. The company rebranded Fabrique, which led to a complete change of business model. Having accumulated a wealth of experience sewing uniforms for large enterprises under the order, the company is launching a new brand «Buna Fortuna». As part of this brand are professional clothing Cook’s shirt and Aprons,
clothes for waiters different hats, accessories and more.

The main advantage of Buna Fortuna — it is a holistic approach. The company provides:

  • the design,
  • selection and testing of tissues,
  • tailoring of the test sample and test it thoroughly,
  • release party
  • sale and delivery of goods to the consumer.

The manufacturer is selling the form via the Internet, making your simple and convenient. In addition, the Moscow office of possible fitting and inspection of the finished product. Buy according to the principle of "here and now", the client will not have to wait until his product will be made, as the products are always in stock.



Who would be interested in buying?

The audience is very wide, as the company is selling at retail, small and large wholesale and also engaged in tailoring the form to order. Because interested in buying can be:

  • Individuals who need a professional to shape. These customers will be offered the best prices in the retail market.
  • Small and medium businesses. Companies often need to provide the staff with the form, and Buna Fortuna to offer a comprehensive solution.
  • Big business. Launching a new brand, the company does not leave the practice of tailoring the form to order. Because large companies can order the development of a unique form, which will be made as usual quality.


Perhaps if in Russia there will be more such manufacturers, the stereotype of what a good buy professional clothes nowhere to be debunked.

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