Buranovskie grandmother took second place in the final of Eurovision Song Contest 2012 with the song Party for everybody

The team of older actresses of Udmurtia has risen to second place. The victory in the competition won a singer Lauryn from Sweden.

Europe embraced "Euphoria" — so called composition singer Moroccan-Berber origin — which has earned her pobedu.Lorin memorable vocals and his charisma was able to win the hearts of the European audience.

Pensioner from the village of Buranovo with the song Party for everybody took second place. Despite the fact that the crystal microphone, which is the main prize in the competition went to this year, not us, the Russian old women were able to become favorites of the public. Charming grandmothers all of two weeks in Baku haunted fans, they handed out thousands of autographs, gave hundreds of interviews.

"Eurovision" was born in 1956, Russia also participated in it since 1994. Every year for the win and the recognition of the European audience fighting 43 countries.

Russian participants of the podium managed to rise slightly — Dima Bilan won the gold and silver of the contest, won the second place in 2000, the singer Alsou, the group won the bronze and silver tattoo.

The press center, where a semi-final followed thousands of journalists during the final group gathered to support our contestants. Neither one song correspondents from different countries otregirovali as on favorite with all the pep Party for Everybody.

For the first time in the history of the "Eurovision" for the Russian delegation sincerely worried almost all the countries participating music competition.


"Eurovision-2012" was held in Baku from 22 to 26 May.


Video semifinal of Eurovision-2012


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