Bureisk power plant is in the final stage of construction

Bureisk power plant (Photo by Vadim Mahorova)


In 2012, for the completion of the station were sent 1.37 billion rubles. A number of work from a recovery bed of waterworks on arrangement of the dam, on the premises and the galleries of the dam (II stage).

Also, the complex of works on systems of monitoring, control, protection and safety of hydropower.

During the year, the plant produced 5.86 billion kWh of electricity, and sent away from the collectors 83.5 thousand Gcal of heat energy, which are, respectively, 128% and 100% of the targets.

The increase in electricity production was made possible primarily due to the increase of consumption by the East IPS, increased electricity exports to China and the high-water years. Currently Bureisk power plant produces 17% of all electricity generated in the East IPS.

In 2012, a branch of JSC "RusHydro" — "Bureyskaya HPP" listed in the budgets of all levels of 1.27 billion rubles, including the federal budget — 51.6 million rubles to the budget of the Amur region — 1.22 billion rubles to the budget Khabarovsk Territory — 1.5 million rubles.

Successfully implemented a program for upgrading the Bureyskaya plant, the volume of which in 2012 amounted to 83.5 million rubles. The key points of the program are: the reconstruction of the electric boiler production and technological building, modernization of the monitoring system — an automated system seismometric control (USSC) through the development of joint data processing module USSC and vibration control of hydraulic systems, modernization of process automation systems for the collection of data from the remote control system, the reconstruction of the complex Security.

Strictly in accordance with the schedule of the program was carried out repairs of main and auxiliary equipment. On the current and capital repairs were allocated 59.7 million rubles. The key points of the program of repairs Bureyskaya plant in 2012 were: capital repairs of hydraulic number 5; repair of hydroelectric number 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, repair of air conditioning systems production and technological building, repair seal closures.

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