Buryatia: good agricultural growth

Investment in fixed capital in agriculture in 2012 amounted to 1.2 billion rubles and exceeded the target by 3 times. The funds were allocated for the implementation of the seven national targeted programs. 

So, to improve the efficiency of agricultural production agricultural producers put on lease agreements and one-off transactions equipment worth more than 300 million rubles, including power tractor, combine seed for silage, forage harvesters. More than 35% of the total area sown to grain and forage crops are processed by intensive resource-saving technology.

In addition, commissioned on 20 feedlots skotomest 5560 and renovated five dairy farms. Introduced new facilities for the slaughter of cattle in Zaigraevsky and Kurumkansky areas, and installation of equipment carried out a major greenhouse complex in Mukhorshibirsky area.

As a result, the proportion of breeding stock in the general population has increased to 13%. Increased the number of cattle by 2.5%, horses — by 5.8%, sheep — by 1.3%. Growth of field fodder production in small villages by 35%.
Over the past five years, milk production on farms — participation increased from 2118 kg. up to 3476 kg., average daily gain of cattle — from 390 to 465 grams.

Add that to the 110 million rubles state support in the implementation of investment projects in the food processing industry. As a result, the index of food production was 106% compared to 2011. Growth was achieved by increasing the production of butter, meat, sausages, fish and fish products. Vyacheslav Nagovitcin noted that today the country itself self-sufficient in meat by 46.2%, milk — by 87.5%, vegetables — by 89.5% and potatoes — more than 100%. By 2020, plans to increase the provision of Buryatia main agricultural products by 70%.

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