Bus park filled with new Kazan NEFAZ

Group of companies "KAMAZ-Leasing" solemnly has leased his partner — MUP Kazan "Passenger Motor Transport Company number 4" another batch of 10 buses NefAZ.
Supplier of technology is the Open Society "NefAZ" (a subsidiary of "KAMAZ").

10 city buses polunizkopolnyh NefAZ-5299-30-32 Class I are equipped with Cummins engine 270 hp and comply with environmental standards "Euro-3".

In buses installed:
satellite navigation,
mechanical folding ramps for arrival in the bus passengers in wheelchairs and electronic links with a given itinerary of the bus in the city.
MUP Kazan "MTE-4" is planning to further develop the corporate fleet, in this regard, both sides expressed interest in expanding cooperation with special programs "KAMAZ-Leasing" in the field of transportation funding, the company said "KamAZ".

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