Bush plans to send humans to Mars and build a base on the moon




In the middle of next week, U.S. President George W. Bush is expected to deliver a new program initiative on outer space, which will include a proposal to send humans to Mars and build a permanently-manned base on the Moon.

This is with reference to the right of three unnamed senior representatives of the U.S. administration told the U.S. television network Fox.
On Thursday evening, spokesman for the White House, Scott McClellan confirmed to reporters that next week, Bush does plan to address the outer space. In this case, McClellan refused to give any details of the appearances, reports RIA "Novosti".
According to the report, the President will present a "broad new vision of U.S. leadership in space, including the long-term goal — a kind of permanent human presence on the Moon." Emphasizes that the ambitious target will be delivered almost a year after the disaster shuttle Columbia, which has become a heavy moral blow to NASA.
According to the TV NBC, Bush said in his speech, will offer a massive increase in the NASA budget over the next five years, so that in the XXI century, the first landing of man on the moon took place in 2013.
Landing on the moon and building a lunar base will lay the groundwork for future missions to Mars, broadcasting company.
The fact that Bush is about to nominate a new "lunar initiative," says the United States has for months. White House still denied these rumors, but they work there again.

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