Business and science — a mutually beneficial partnership


Russian business is gradually increasing investments in innovation, beginning to see them as an important factor of competitiveness. This writes the Russian business magazine "Expert" with reference to the preliminary results of the study of innovation activity of Russian business, conducted by the Institute of Management Innovation (IMI), the HSE and the Russian Venture Company (RVC).
This demand for R & D can be satisfied at the expense of self-development companies, third-party access to Russian and foreign developers. At the same time, the magazine writes, the most promising are the first two options. Often unique and high-margin Western technology closed to Russian manufacturers, so they need to deal with our own development or access to domestic Applied Science.
The growth of interest in applied science business to revive the system of industrial research as part of major holdings, or as a corporate research centers. Most of the companies examined in the study, have their own research institutes, and neither one of them is not marked decrease in R & D costs. Moreover, we can talk about the beginning of fracture representations of Russian business on research divisions. Previously, they were regarded only as a cost center, but are beginning to be evaluated as profit centers.
Another area of innovation is the business interaction with educational institutions on the Western model, where scientific developments engaged university, and their implementation and deployment — a company that has the appropriate organizational, technical and intellectual competence. Thus, NGOs RIC-Systems cooperates with the leading Russian universities in the development of information and communication solutions. The result of the partnership is to implement large projects, such as, for example, the head of the situational center of Krasnodar.

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