Business will help the Russian innovation

As part of the project "Skolkovo" created an industrial advisory board, whose main purpose — identify barriers to innovation in Russia and the development of recommendations to overcome them.

The Council is an independent advisory body and not part of the fund management "Skolkovo". The activities of the Board, according to the president of the "Skolkovo" Viktor Vekselberg, will help the effective implementation of innovative projects in Russia.

The council includes top managers of major Russian and foreign companies — key partners "Skolkovo", which are utilized by the innovative solutions. The recommendations and suggestions of business representatives will help speed up the process of transfer of knowledge, ideas and technology in the real market products that will improve legislation in the field of innovation, improve the business climate.

"As a Russian company, we welcome the initiative. Attracting business representatives to the development of innovation in Russia activates the cooperation of science and business, stimulates the production and commercialization of innovations ", — commented NGO experts RIC-Systems.

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