By committing suicide, died designer East

By committing suicide, died designer "East"Police officers had established the identity of the man who did the act of self-immolation and jumped from the 12th floor. As it turned out suicide — Designer gallakticheskogo device "East", Which was made the first manned flight into space.

To identify the 79-year-old son of Eugene Koskin has promoted, go to the police with a statement about the disappearance of his father. Earlier, the body was registered as unknown. "The findings on suicide have allowed to imagine that this, unfortunately, my father — leading Life News According to Igor Koskin. — Long time father worked in the NGO "Energy"Also is closely contacted with different CB".

The press service of NGOs "Energy"Koskin of Eugene responded very warmly."Eugene Mikhailovich knew everything — they say the staff of "Energy." — He was our veteran. Koskin was very cheerful and joyful man, wrote poetry. But the fate of this man was pochetaemogo all very weighty, he one engaged in educating kids. "

"Energia" is one of the leading Russian rocket. It was founded in 1941, and bore the title of OKB-1. Specifically, the OKB-1 in 1957, began work on the first manned spacecraft gallakticheskim "East. "

The accident occurred on January 17 in the north-east of Moscow. Man, after oblilsya fuel and set himself on fire, jumped from the 12 floor of the house on the street Menzhinsky. Residents of the house then failed to identify the deceased — Eugene M. lived alone and virtually no one spoke.

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